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City of Gold is a Desktop Role Playing Game. It tells the adventures of one person in the world ruled by the characters that the others create in the game. The Gordian Universe is an imaginary universe. Anatolian lands are very different from today. Living creatures have evolved as a part of this mystical universe and have acquired abilities very different from the present world. You can often encounter magic and communication with the Gods in the world. 

How to play?

It is played with at least two people. It is a narrative game between a game manager (GM) and a Player. The GM reads the story and sets the tone in his head. Creates a character sheet with the aforementioned Players. The character sheet should be prepared in accordance with the time and the event.

Click to download the character sheet.


What Do I Need to Play?

A team for Fate Condensed, one of which is the Game Master (GM), who is the game manager; well

You need a group of 2-6 friends, some dice and trinkets, scraps of paper, and pens to take notes.

Create Your Character

If you've decided on your world, it's time for the players to create their characters. We can call these characters "Player Character", an abbreviation of the term "player character", as PC. Each player takes a leading role in your story and controls their character's actions. Create the character you want to see in your world. Don't forget!

The characters in Fate games are resourceful, striking and adventurous.

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Get Started Now

Our product is 202 pages and is sold with a thick cover with the "Story + Universe + Fate Condensed Turkish Quick start license. High print quality images and different dungeons and creatures are designed for you FRP lovers. 



Continue to learn more about the universe.

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