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As the world shaped by the earth-beating Mugas gradually became the focus of the gods' attention, all the gods continued what they had begun; they created. Anyone who hopes to see his creator is hungry for the touch of his god. But they don't know, when they see it, nothing will be the same. The Gordian Gods are here soon!

Items of the Universe

The world had already begun to fill with unique items when people realized that the parts that the gods who carved the universe into ordinary items could change their fate. Although items were initially used for good purposes, people could not help wandering around the mind-altering limits of power. Whether the gods did this on purpose or whether humans were prone to unforeseen chaos from the very beginning is unknown. Let's explore these items together. Let's see where your path will lead as you wander around the borders of your mind...

Gordion Map

Anatolia, where Phrygian lands come to life, is much different than it seems. This is a small part of the world that the gods carved before there was even a sign of the Phrygians' existence. Cities, villages, towns… More fantastic structures than the ones described, magical towers from the old times, dungeons with human bones in each stone, built by those who make money by smuggling; incredible cities carved underground and more…

The Place of Magic in the Universe

After the world was created, the gods sent the creatures they created from their own power to the world. These creatures were almost immortal because they got their power from the gods... Almost, because over time they started to disappear and disappear. Some were hunted, some succumbed in their struggles. So the powers of the gods sought to connect to something new so as not to perish without a body to house them. To anything living… Now, this power that runs through the veins of their first creation, that is, of all living things, is controlled by sorcerers and forest spirits, not gods. Whether the gods allow this, or whether we are close to incurring their wrath, we shall soon find out.


Have all created beings been released to the earth for a purpose, or have they set foot on the earth by chance and lost their way, forgetting their past? This is one of the questions that humanity has sought to answer since its spread on the world. In order to be able to cope with these questions, they did not hesitate to make contact with people other than themselves, regardless of the disasters that would happen to them. While trying to analyze their biological existence with the sciences they discovered, learned and developed, they also tried to embody what they believed to exist beyond the laws of physics and to make sense of their own existence. Now is the time to reveal the secrets and answer the questions.

The Place of the Miracle in the Universe

The greatest flaw of creatures is that they were born without any knowledge. But what if everything learnable comes from the wrong hands? Past events show that; rebellion runs through the veins of creatures. The gods must take action. The messages conveyed by the prophets to humanity are also the biggest harbinger of this measure. Although the oracles have recently disappeared and masters have taken their place, the voices of the gods are always in our ears. At least for those who still believe…



City Stroll

Asmona is the fertile land protected by the Noa mountains from the north winds. Asmona, a decent and quiet farming village, takes its name from the asmona flower, which has four leaves in a row. This flower is also embroidered as a motif on princess swords and scabbards. Asmona is the flower of love, it is said to bloom in front of the houses of lovers who cannot meet. There are also folk legends that talk about the withering of asmona flowers in a house where love does not have an irresistible desire.


Let's Get to Know the Races

Known as the first living people to set foot on Earth, the Imleka are a proud and traditional race. Their leader is Andaleka in the image. In fact, the Imleka are an exiled race. They have a fight with the gods that goes back so long that even history can forget. For this reason, it is believed that whenever an Imleka falls into the sand, its soul goes to the torture wells of Zubnak, the Lord of Hell. A deceased Imleka cannot be buried. An Imleka, who wants to honor his family, makes a show of strength by eating his dead relatives along with their bones. Unburied but traditionally hosted, the spirit of the Imlekas is honored to fight shoulder to shoulder for world domination of the Imlekas in a final battle with their chosen god and leader, Leka.

gordion - imleka_edited.png
gordion - boynuz kafa_edited.png

Horn Heads

Let's Get to Know the Races

These skilled horned hunters actually live in a desolate world and worship a god named Poas. They hunt through the gateways that Poas has opened for them to more fertile lands. Created to go through these passages and hunt for species they have not seen before, the Horn Heads do not find the favor of Poas when they return to the pass one day at the end of a good hunt. The closed passage was not opened, and the Horn Heads were left orphaned. It is unknown why Poas, the god of the Horn-Heads, now enslaved in the world, granted them such a fate. This race, which still does not give up on Poas, lives a life away from people in the villages they have built on the peaks of Noa today and waits for that unopened gateway to be opened, hoping to regain their value in the eyes of Poas one day.


Let's Get to Know the Races

When Gordion's nefarious enemy, whose name had even been erased from the inscriptions, arrived at their doorstep, the Founding King Gordios put on his helmet and drew his sword. He wasn't going to stay in the city and defend like cowards. Finally, they came face to face with the enemy approaching the city at a place called Nokh. The fate of this fierce battle was very heavy, and when the mages appeared, the war was already over for the soldiers. Now both sides had forgotten the rules of war and started to unleash their curses on the earth. At the end of the war, such disasters were unleashed on the earth that the Gordian sorcerers had to separate this place from the world plane. This plane was later known as "Bulinbar 4th Universe Dungeons". Over time, the existence of human beings infiltrating our own from this plane was discovered. Although they are met with suspicion and fear among people nowadays, these creatures, which have started to establish themselves in society, do not have habits such as buying and wearing clothes. Although they only cover their bodies with chains and tattoos, they choose to give themselves natural, concrete names.

gordion game orebra.png

Imbar Dungeon

Dungeon Walk

After Gordion was founded, the excluded nobles and a group of people who thought they had been wronged gathered in the east of Etoga and built a base for themselves. This community, which was ignored before, started to grow and gain followers. With this new power and influence, King Gordios launched an attack on Imbar, when they began to wreak havoc in Gordion and leave dead bodies behind, but what they feared had already come true. Imbar had been turned into a ritual site, and their old enemies, demons, had infiltrated it. A demon calling himself Orebra was sitting on the throne when Imbar's defenses were broken and they entered, thanks to Gordios cornered and summoning even the young ones who had just come out of Tuznir to battle. Although Gordios and the Phrygian army managed to defeat Orebra thanks to the relentless struggles, the price of this victory could not be paid.


Dungeon Walk

Jorg is not an ordinary dungeon that has made a place for itself in the world. HE IS; a whole that breathes life but looks lifeless, deepening its walls with the souls it takes. When the Gordian spies finally managed to sneak in, he overpowered and ingested them one by one, as if he could sense their every move. The only thing that would save them was not taking a single step inside when that door was first opened.
This place, which has the vision of the gods, plays games with you, but promises great rewards for those who can overcome the challenges presented to them. For example, Orma's Necklace, which can predict the future, or Rug's Coin, which allows you to cheat death once for those who fear death. it is not uncommon.



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Creatures in Quick Facts

In the depths of the desert there is a creature that even the Imleka fearfully approach… Skapot! These gigantic skeletal octopuses crawling on the sand can suddenly create a hole and suffocate you in the sand at unexpected times. You may plead in agony with bitter cries for your soul to leave your body as soon as you are crushed under your bony arms. Or you don't need to, you're already torn to pieces. Rarely can they be controlled by the heavy weapons of the Imlekas, but the Scapods have a reputation for being one of the fiercest creatures in Gordion. While in the desert; Pay attention to the sand you step on, the clicking of bones, and the gigantic silhouettes you can see through desert storms. Because in the middle of the desert and nothingness, a person who turns into a pulp can be the last thing you want to see.

Horn Chin

Creatures in Quick Facts

This creature, which is actually a hunting animal, takes its name from the horn on its chin as opposed to its forehead. These mounts, which were born with the Horn Heads, began to multiply by adapting to this land. These gigantic creatures, wreaking havoc with their jaws, not only do not get along well with their owners other than the Horn Heads, they are also very aggressive towards them. There is no door that a trained Horn Jaw in the hands of an experienced hunter cannot break through. Nearly two to three human heights and not driven by the Horn Heads around Noa, the Horn Jaws are highly destructive to wildlife's conservation of balance.

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Gordion Razak_edited.jpg

Wise Razak

Let's Get to Know the Characters

Razak is a sage and wizard who stepped into Gordion in the late periods, and which paths he traveled and where he came from is unknown. You see deserts in the sand flowing from their worn-out shoes, and the sharp paths of the mountains on their worn heels. His flamboyant staff, which he keeps with him, is like a distraction from eristic collisions. This staff is likened to the staffs that are buried with the dead in the catacombs in the west. At first glance, the cylindrical box he fastened on his shoulder belt and the pieces of paper he placed inside are among the many unknowns about him. Rumor has it that he is now seeking the disgraced household of Pameus, but what kind of history he has with them is still a mystery.

Sir Pameus

Let's Get to Know the Characters

Pameus, who bears the same name as his father, is the only son of his household. But since he was one of the nobles whose name was taken, his reputation did not reach far. His entire house was named after his sister, who carried magic in her blood, betrayed her oath to Gordion. It is said that after these events, Father Pameus was imprisoned in dungeons and his son returned from a long journey. When he returned, however, he was found to have aged impossibly in the time since he had left home and was found to be missing one arm. No one knows what causes them. Sir Elmore Pameus now spends his days in solitude in the family mansion named after his father, awaiting his fate.



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