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Gordion Game: City of Gold; A 'Starter Kit' that has been carefully prepared so that anyone with or without experience can pick it up and start the game as soon as possible. You can find everything in the book, from character creation to the Turkish rules of the Fate Condensed system, from handcrafted special items to tens of hours of multi-ended stories.


An adventure set in the kingdom of Gordion, the curse of Midas's love for gold spreads over the city. In this great adventure, you as the Gordions must fight and survive with Midas and different creatures.

Gordion Game Golden City Starter Kit

SKU: 0707
    • Hardcover (300 gr/cm2 parlak kaplama)
    • 202 sayfa
    • 135 gr/cm2 mat kuşe kağıt
    • Yüksek kalite offset baskı
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